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What is WordPress?

WordPress was initially introduced as a Content Management System (CMS) that could be used as a blogging platform. Popular brands like The New York Times, BBC America, Bata, Sony Music, Discovery Communications, Uber Technologies Inc, The Obama Foundation, Justin Bieber…. along with 60 million such websites, rely on WordPress.


Why bigger brands are using WordPress as a platform to create websites?

  • WordPress is easy to Use: Websites built on WordPress require very less effort for operation and content management. People with no prior technical knowledge can work on such websites effortlessly.
  • Designing of Website can be customized easily: WordPress website design enables you to make your website attractive and easy to view. The design of the website can be customized easily so that the brand gets better exposure through the website. It provides unique style and experience for its visitors.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: With Mobile Responsive technology, the user can view WordPress website in their mobiles easily. This technology makes a website adapt to the screen-size of mobile, tab and PC. It is user-friendly and can adapt to screen resolutions of PCs as well as mobile devices, with ease.
  • Search Engines give higher ranks to WordPress Sites: The coding schema of WordPress websites are simple and that makes it easier for search engines to index them. Because of WordPress’s highly customizable nature the images, post and pages can be provided with Meta tag keywords, titles, descriptions of their own. Thus, improving chances for better SEO.
  • In-built blogging capacity of WordPress: WordPress originally started as a blogging platform. Blogging capabilities are therefore in-built and are easy to understand for the first-time users. Adding RSS/emails to your blogs, adding commentaries and recent posts to multiple pages in a website are very easy to do in a WordPress website. Blog posts in websites help in driving more traffic to website pages.
  • Ecommerce Service: WordPress has come a long way from being just a blogging platform to being used as a robust solution for creating ecommerce websites. The plug-in feature of WordPress helps to transform any site into a full-fledged online shop.
  • Manage Website from any Computer: WordPress is browser-based web application framework. User can easily login from any of their computers and can manage the WordPress website.
  • HTML or FTP Software is not required: WordPress is a self-supporting system that does not require HTML editing software. WordPress helps the user to upload images, documents, post blogs, create new page and format text etc, without using HTML or FTP software.
  • Multiple Users Platform: Using a WordPress website the administrator can set multiple users for a website and allow them access in admin area.
  • Easy Social Media Integration: Business gains profits through social media. Using WordPress, one can share their post and blogs across social media and share their ideas in just one-click. It enables your potential customers to connect with you easily.
  • Content scheduling in advance: WordPress enables user to publish their content by creating a schedule date for each post in future.
  • WordPress uses RSS Feed: Readers will get updates about new post or blogs through RSS feeds. The RSS feed tool helps the user to keep track of the post and blogs that are being updated.


WordPress automatically sends notifications to the major search engines every time you create/update a page or post of your website.


Know how we will design your WordPress website


Our WordPress developers will work with you to create custom design for your website to fit the requirements of your brand in following ways:


  • 1

    Competitors Analysis

    If you are not sure about your competitors, our WordPress developers will help you to find your competitors’ websites and find out detailed analysis of the functioning of their websites.

  • 2

    Content Planning and Web Strategy Designing

    You need right plans for your website content and design proper strategy for your website to challenge your competitors. Don’t worry about implementing the plans. We’ll help you with making proper strategic plan for your website.

  • 3

    Custom Design & Development

    We’ll implement the plan and strategy decided in the previous step. Through custom design, we’ll develop your website in the best way and make necessary changes based on your feedback. We’ll use attractive images & backgrounds too. It will provide you the power to challenge your competitors and generate revenue.

  • 4

    Testing and Debugging

    Through testing and debugging we’ll identify the development errors, if any, and fix it.

  • 5

    Deploy in Production Server

    Production server is the live server used for hosting website as well as web application. The production server is open to use by end users. Thus, all activities happening in and around the website can be accessed and viewed by the visitors. In this step we’ll upload your website to the production server, do necessary database and server configurations to make your website available on the World Wide Web (internet).

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